How to Choose Durable Pots and Planters for the Street?

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To add a zest to a summer garden, to decorate a plot in winter, to decorate a place where nothing grows – there are many reasons for planting plants in planters. However, not all garden lovers know that you need to start creating it not with a choice of flowers, but with the purchase of planters.

Many gardeners, seeing how many different types of pots for the street and at home are offered by sellers are simply lost. How can you choose and buy rectangular planters among such an abundance that will serve you for more than one year or even a decade? How, apart from the appearance, do different planters differ from each other?

What qualities should outdoor planters have?

First you need to figure out what the pot intended for the street should be. Since it will be operated in an aggressive environment, it must have the following qualities:

  • resistance to sunlight, high temperature and precipitation;
  • frost resistance;
  • impact resistance;
  • ease of care.
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Pots made of various materials may have similar characteristics to a greater or lesser extent. When you buy garden planters in UK, you can choose among those that are designed for both home and garden.

Pots made of clay

Outdoor pots and pots made of clay are the oldest version of containers for the street. They have many advantages. They allow air to pass through, the root system of plants does not overheat in them, they have an attractive appearance and can serve for decades.

Pots made of plastic

The second most popular material for outdoor pots and planters is plastic. Until recently, the main criterion when buying products made of this material was a low price. However, he also had a lot of significant drawbacks, such as low resistance to cold and heat. You can find many options and buy trough planters made of plastic in any store.

shelf with flower pots
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Metal pots

Metal pots for the street can be of very different shapes. They are made most often of steel, brass and zinc. Their main positive properties are durability and impact resistance: it is almost impossible to break such a container.

Therefore, when choosing, you need to focus not only on the appearance, but also on the material of the pot.

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