Polyurethane: What is This Material and Where is It Used

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Polyurethane is a unique type of material characterized by a wide range of applications. It includes 2 types of raw materials: isocyanates and polyols. They are formed on the basis of refined petroleum products. The properties of polyurethane and the products obtained from it largely depend on the ingredients from which this material is made. Its release involves the use of catalysts, stabilizers and other elements in a certain ratio.


  • Vulcoprenes
  • Adiprenes
  • Vulcollans

This type of polyurethane is characterized by increased hardness. At the same time, his order is made because of the large temperature range at which operation is possible.

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Most often, vulcollans are used to obtain parts that are suitable for difficult operating conditions. Polyurethane bushings are made of vulcollans.

There are several advantages that define polyurethane and its application:

  • Good mechanical strength. With a certain combination of synthetic polymers, a structure resistant to mechanical stress is obtained.
  • A passable chemical reaction becomes the reason why polyurethane becomes a dielectric.
  • The material is suitable for industrial applications due to its long service life.
  • Macromolecules and their combination determine increased resistance to abrasion. Polyurethane pads are used in the manufacture of special equipment elements that are in constant contact with other elements.
  • Increased elasticity. It is required in the manufacture of various products.
  • Polyurethane restores its shape after repeated deformation. Therefore, it is used in the suspension of cars for the manufacture of wear-resistant elements.
  • Increased resistance to oils, solvents and other similar substances. In the manufacture of polyurethane, elements are used that do not react to chemical exposure.
  • Large operating temperature range. In the manufacture of products, it is taken into account that it will withstand various effects. An example is the frost-resistant seals of cars.
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Polyurethane does not age, so it is suitable for producing wear-resistant parts.


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