Where to Store Things in the Living Room?

cabinet in the living room
Photo by Zoe van Poetsprins.nl on Unsplash

Roomy dressers and glass showcase, open shelving and modular systems will help to put things in order and place accents in the most important room in the house.

Free-standing cabinets

The combination of open and closed shelves in a single composition is a fashionable technique of modern interior design. Sideboards, cupboards or bookshelves – fashionable living room storage cabinets can easily combine all these functions into one piece. Storage units can be mounted on the wall, stand on legs or directly on the floor, depending on your preferences for interior design.

cabinet with clothes
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A long, squat chest of VASAGLE drawers, placed along the wall, is another popular element in a traditional living room. Modern fashion dictates that it should rest on tall, thin legs. This structure not only visually enhances the design, but it’s also very practical for maintaining order – a high base makes it easy to access for cleaning. A spacious chest of drawers can serve as a stand for a television and other equipment. You could also effectively place a collection of designer vases or framed artwork on it. An atmosphere of stability and peace will be guaranteed.


Open shelving perfectly fills the role of dividing walls in a room. They are light and translucent, visually do not crowd the space, making it airy and allowing light to enter. Differentiating functional areas with an open design gives the interior a trendy modern feel. This storage system can include open and closed shelves, as well as convenient drawers, and the surfaces can be finished in wood, covered in leather, or made from acrylic.

storage cabinet in the living room
Photo by kelina cyril on Unsplash

Glass case

Glass display cases are popular living room furniture that will add shine to any room. Displaying interior elements and travel mementos behind transparent facades looks no worse than a museum exhibit. Showcases with built-in lighting function as an extra light source in the evening and transform the geometry of the room.

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